Procrastination and personality II: the dreamer

Procrastination and personality II: the dreamer

Hey, peace to you all, our readers! It’s me, Ricardo and today I will continue talking about how to overcome procrastination and shiny object syndrome. And if you read the previous post or watched the video, we are talking about 4 types of procrastinators that are the most recurrent. As I mentioned before, it is important to know what kind of personality is behind our procrastination in order to overcome once and for all and move forwards towards our God-given calling.  Here is a link to our quiz to find out which type of procrastination personality you have.

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Ok, let’s go back to our topic. Today we are going to talk about the Dreamer or the visionary procrastinator. I personally relate to this. Here is a list of the symptoms:

  • You daydream about a lot of things you would like to achieve but have actually notvcompleted any projects. You also feel like a big opportunity is going to happen to you. This is similar to the procrastinator I call “the spiritual:’ He thinks God has something ahead of him, a big business or ministry, and he -somehow- needs to wait. You think something big is going to come your way, like you are going to be the next Chris Gardner or Jeff Bezos. 
  • ou focus only on the big picture. You get discouraged when you see all the small steps or details that are necessary to get you where you want to be. You hate details and this is where you get trapped. You stop and suddenly start browsing your phone or spending time on netflix. 
  • You usually ask others to do your work. And, I am not talking about delegating or hiring someone else to get some help. This kind of procrastinator likes to have someone else do his work without him being committed.  
  • You are good at catching the next BIGGER OPPORTUNITY or, better said, falling prey to Shiny Object Syndrome. I know it sounds similar to daydreaming, but what I mean here is you get caught by the new funnel, the new business idea, program, mastermind, 5-day challenge and so on. And guess what? In the end, you might even have spent money without taking action. You see, this kind of procrastinator thinks that because he takes a course, a challenge, or a program, that things -somehow- will happen to him, without having to taking steps or making any further effort. hen the steps are perceived as more complicated, he stops. Something I found out is that when you spend money, your brain makes you believe that you are actually taking action. I am not saying those programs are a waste of money., What I am saying is that what determines if they are an expense or an investment is if your attitude and your desire are put  into action. This has happened to me many times. 
  • Other symptoms may be: many unfinished business ideas, and uncompleted projects. Maybe you looked like a great leader, a promising figure, but then the results fell short. 

Now, how do we overcome or change this problem in our personalities: Again, there are many steps, suggestions, and methods to help. Here are some of the  basics: 

  • Recognize the problem, and see it as it is: a problem. Yes, you are a dreamer, yes, you have big goals but giving up the details is a problem. 
  • Recognize and try to change vague language like: one day… someday… I wish… I would like to… instead try to use: today (or set a specific day), I want to, I have to, I must.  NLP, my friend. 
  • Stick with one goal. Set one plan of action and move. Stop browsing the internet looking for more gurus, courses, methods, for a while. Your subconscious mind will trick you to think that you are taking action in doing so. Stick with one method and follow it. If you give more than three options to your brain, you are looking for trouble. 
  • Make sure your goals are realistic. I’m sure you already know about SMART goals. Start giving priority to short term goals, instead of “being rich in two years” go with something like “make my first 2K in two months”. “Land your goals”.
  • Create a specific TO-DO list and call it a TA-DA List. This is a little trick I learned a while ago. Make sure you put at least 5 items, 5 things you need to do in your day to move towards your goal and, again, try to be SPECIFIC. For instance if you have to make five  phone calls, choose who you are going to call, at what time and where are you planning to call. Start small. And remember, just talking or thinking about what you have to do doesn’t count. Remember Proverbs 14:23 “In all labor there is profit but mere talk leads only to poverty.” I would strongly recommend for you to write it by hand. 
  •  Accountability: get someone who will hold you accountable to take the steps needed. . And remember, we are offering a free 45-minute breakthrough call. We are not trying to close you on the spot, if you like me and we are a good fit we can work together, but my first priority is to help you. Here is the link to book it:

Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day. Peace to you!

Ricardo Pinedo

Life Coach and Co-founder

PS: if you prefer to watch this lesson in video, here it is


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