Shiny Object Syndrome??? Little tips to help you out

Shiny Object Syndrome??? Little tips to help you out

What is Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)? Simple, it is the tendency of looking for a “better opportunity,” a “better option,”  or a “more profitable activity.” Basically,It is the tendency to ignore your initial plan and course of action in order to pay attention to something that looks more profitable or seems to work faster. Many business owners, especially in this digital time, are prone to fall for it. Just go to the internet and browse around: many services and products to help your business are offered to you at the same time. For instance, if you have a Facebook account and you are a coach, how many ads for business coaching services do you get? How many new marketing products or services ads do you get?

Today I will give you tips to help you beat shiny object syndrome. By the way, there are still spots available to have a one on one 45-minute breakthrough call with me. We will see how we can help you in your career or business in order to bring change and beat procrastination and shiny object syndrome once and for all. You can find the link to book your call here


To me, shiny object syndrome is a type of procrastination based on indecision. It stops you from achieving your goals and dreams and causes loss of: money, time, relationships… I heard about someone who lost 20K in online materials for a business that he seemed unable to start…


This lack of decision, this tendency to go from one shiny spot to another can cause stress and anxiety, and guess who pays the price? Your family and those around you. So it affects not only your finances but relationships and other areas of your life. There is a passage in the bible that really hit me once: “the doubtful man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8.) And what is shiny object syndrome? What does it show? Indecision. Doubts. Furthermore, whatever happens in your business, it is  very likely to happen all through your life.

So here are some tips for you.

First tip. Make decisions.

Decisions about your career, your business, your relationships. A decision means simply to take one path and cut out everything else. Learn to discard. Before I started with my business I applied to many jobs and got rejected time after time until I decided that the way God was going to provide for me was entrepreneurship. I got tempted later with other jobs, but I said no because I have a vision and believe in what I am doing and I am sure, in time it will produce fruit.


Marriage is a good example of what a decision is: once you pick you close your eyes to the other possibilities.

Also, remember, a decision has to be made not considering immediate pleasure, but considering what brings you real satisfaction in the mid- long run. What brings you fulfillment and a sense of purpose which leads to real happiness.

Tip number two. Practice certainty.

Clarity. What do you really want? Many times you can get SOS because you are not clear on what you want. Create a crystal clear picture. I like to use visualization tools. I see myself achieving what I want, I write it very clearly, I write how I want it to look and feel. If I want a 10K month in my business, for instance, I detail what has to happen to get to that level, how many clients I need, how I am going to feel. Once I get clarity I am ready to take the next step.


Tip number three: create a plan. Be faithful to it.

Once you know what you want, create the steps to achieve it. What resources do you need? What is the route? There are many methods you can use to create a plan, one I like to use is  reverse engineering. Again, if you want to make 10K a month, what needs to happen to achieve that? Let’s say getting ten clients per month. What needs to happen in the beginning in order to get those clients? Let’s say you decide to master organic marketing. What social media platforms and types of software will you use? Which method will you use? You can even pick your reference here. There are many amazing coaches and mentors on this topic. This is a very simple example.

Tip number four: practice information diet.

Once you pick your mentors, programs, methods. Close your eyes to everything else. Again, remember the example of marriage. Keep being faithful, not to the resources, mentors, but to yourself, to your decision. You see, finally, sticking with your decision is about yourself.


Tip number five: Tweak your process… give it at least a year.

Now, I am not saying stick with something even if it does not work for you. I know, sometimes even marriages do not work… but when it comes to business or career ideas, give them at least one year. You can tweak the process on the way, meaning you can adjust, making little changes while you go. For example you can refine the way you approach clients so you can become more proficient in one platform.

So lets recap:

  1. Make decisions: the key here is Eliminating everything else that does not line up with your goal and plan of action.
  2. Get clarity.
  3. Create a good plan. You can use reverse engineering. If it is simple, it is better.
  4. Practice information diet.
  5. Tweak the process.


So I hope these tips help you in your career or business. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this. Peace to you. God bless!

Ricardo Pinedo

Co-founder / NeuroCoach

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