Do you feel like going nuts around your toddler? Tired of power struggles? Tired of feeling guilty because you simply lose it and the task seems difficult? Tired of being the bad parent of the story? NeuroParenting™is the vitamin you need. 

NeuroParenting™ is not simply a course, but also a method that will enable you to become a better mom or dad raising a child to healthy adulthood, and become a better you in the process. NeuroParenting™ uses the best research and neuroscience-proven techniques to understand, deal with, and nurture the brain of our toddlers.

In fact, this program was born from my own struggles to understand my child. My oldest was making me lose it. I was full of stress, with anger issues, and became the bad guy, yelling, struggling with a kid that apparently didn’t want to hear me. All these problems made her stay away from me. I could see her little eyes avoiding me, I could feel her little arms not willing to give me a hug anymore, and I thought to myself, “This is how you start losing a child, I have to stop this.” I began devouring everything I could about how a child’s brain works, neurological development, and neuroscience research — and I created and applied techniques that let me regain her heart. It’s so nice to see her now looking for me all the time, running to the garage to welcome me home, asking for my help, and willing and happy to spend time with me. 

I believe we can heal the hearts of our children and the key is a spiritual approach with a neuroscientific perspective. In the process you learn how to be healed from your own wounds because many of the problems we have as parents originated long before and our kids will confront us with them in a very direct and unique way. 

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Who is this program for?

  • Struggling parents willing to work on reaching their kids. We won’t offer magical solutions for those who don’t want to take action. We are serious about it, if you are not willing to do the job DON’T buy this program.
  • People with parenting problems. Your relationship is not perfect and you know it, but you are willing to take action and change the story.  
  • Parents with a child that seems “difficult.” You want to understand them, nurture their underlying strengths, and learn to appropriately refine their rough edges. 
  • Parents willing to create a deeper bond with their kids. Your relationship is good but you want it to be even better.
  • Parents committed to raise an emotionally healthy child with values and principles.
  • Committed parents willing to work on their own proactive and responsive parenting techniques. We won’t offer magical solutions for those who don’t want to grow. We are serious about it, if you are not willing to do the job DON’T buy this program.
  • Coachable people. If you are humble enough to receive and apply what you discover, this program is for you. If you feel you know everything this program is not for you.

What will you learn?

  • Understand your child’s mental and emotional development stages
  • Realign your own life/parent-figure outlook
  • Deal with personal issues that affect your parenting
  • Empower your parenting in positive ways
  • Practical, real-life tactics you can use
  • Create loving interactions and recognize teachable moments
  • Strengthen your bond with your little ones, especially that toddler. 

What will you get?

  • Multi-module, in-depth parenting course with short videos you can watch at your own pace. 
  • Life access to platform
  • Workbook and course materials
  • Access to our private facebook group to share with other parents in your journey
  • My book “With God and Neuroscience” to fuel up your day and strengthen your spiritual connection with the Creator.  
  • The opportunity to jump on members-only group coaching calls
  • And more! 

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